Kanye West Performances @ Twitter & Facebook [HQ]

I’m sure everyone saw the videos of Kanye performing at Facebook headquarters yesterday (below). Apparently, he’s doing a social networking world tour or something because today we have footage of him doing a similar performance at Twitter headquarters. This time though, we got front row tickets. So, enjoy some more a capella verse’s from everyone’s favorite rapper/producer.


4 thoughts on “Kanye West Performances @ Twitter & Facebook [HQ]

  1. Man Kanye tryna go platinum in one day with this next album! He tryna take the social networking world by storm and is doing it too, have you seen his followers on twitter after only one day!? Man his ego about to be on a hundred-thousand trilion!!! lol… But I def already tired of his tweets and he thinks he’s Gods gift to twitter when really ppl only follow him bc he makes great music not bc they actually like to hear what he has to say. And all his tweets come off hella snobish, like why are u complaining bc the jet you on is small and doesn’t have its own stuartist when almost all your followers have never been on a jet. I hope he doesn’t wind up alienating his fan base. smh

    p.s. but the new material is sounding dope tho lol

    • yeah he probably thinks twitter followers equal sold units.. but we all know thats not the case. and theres no way anyone else on G.O.O.D. music could do numbers if they all come out at the same time.. i think ye’s banking on a miracle.

      • I kno rite, but i think they knew that from jump and it was just a PR move to let ppl know that Cudi, Sean, and Cons was even comin out wit albums, and in a way, to let some ppl know that Sean and Cons even exist lol. I see Cudi album is now pushed back to Oct. 26 i think and Sean will be lucky if his shit even drop this year lol

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