Boom Tho! Movement

There’s a pretty decent chance you’ve never heard of Rod Benson, and an even better one that you’ve never heard the words Boom Tho! in your life, that’s okay though, you have us here at PHONEkeysWALLET to keep you up on that dope shit.  What started as a phrase between a group of friends in Berkeley, CA has quickly become an innovative street brand slowly, but surely, makings it rounds across the country, having already made some noise overseas (Rod plays ball professionally in South Korea).  Co-singed by the likes of Blake Griffin to Juelz Santana, Rod is looking to take Boom Tho! to the next level and really establish himself in the street fashion industry.  Check back for updates on the Boom Tho! seasonal lines and if you have the time check out the mixtape Every Man Should Live Like This.  Enjoy…

Blake Griffin

Juelz Santana

Boom Tho! recording artists X.O. and Kidd Upstairs

…this guy


2 thoughts on “Boom Tho! Movement

  1. ”around the country”…. SMH…. I’m rockin’ my BoomTho! Dreaming sweatshirt as we speak from here in Spain and I KNOW there are some fans out in Korea that support the movement proudly, too. It has crossed continents already!!

    I like to get behind things that resonate with me and help to support the creators for their dedication, tenacity and creativity. Rod Benson makes it easy. He helps show the world that athletes are more than just our sport. Aside from the innovative BoomTho! clothing line, he’s got a few mix-tapes (What baller doesn’t??); shares the latest and greatest pics and vids dropping SWAGbombs left and right; appreciates a beautiful woman every month; is an eloquent writer and blogger and is an all around comedian!! All before the age of 30….. Sounds like someone has a ticket on the bus to Success. Next stop? a store near you.
    Kids should aspire to achieve success through hard-work and drive and be more like a ‘Rod Benson’ instead of doing nothing like the Kim Kardashians/Teen Moms/Basketball wives of the world.

    ….My only question is, for someone from Cali AND who likes to ”get in there like swimwear”– When can we expect the BoomTho! swim line to come out?! 🙂

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