J. Cole Dunks in NBA Celebrity All-Star Game

I feel like the majority of the #PHONEkeysWALLET audience probably saw this live. Friday night, J. Cole threw down a crazy, fastbreak alley-oop with the help of a nice assist from comedian Kevin Heart. I’ve seen J. Cole throw down a dunk before on the intro to last year’s Cole Summer series, but game time dunks are a completely different story.


2 thoughts on “J. Cole Dunks in NBA Celebrity All-Star Game

  1. It’s the golden egg of the basketball court, easily achievable by the towering giants of the NBA yet an unachievable feat for numerous, or so that they would think. Spud Webb stands at 5′ 7″, a full foot less than the NBA average plus he is a normal dunker. However before he found fame, Webb overcame several challenges early in his basketball career. He was usually discriminated against for his small stature, however when permitted with try out for his high school team, proved such an impressive player he was available a scholarship with the University of North Carolina. In his first training session, Webb scored a 2 handed slam-dunk at the diminutive height of 4′ 11″. With his arms stretched out he had a reach of nearly seven foot however this still needed a vertical lift of over three feet, more than half his own height. He eventually went on to win the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk competition, in a sport where various players can dunk standing found on the ground.

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