Nasir – N.Y. State Of Mind (Live)

Straight out the fuckin dungeons of rap
Where fake niggaz don’t make it back
I don’t know how to start this shit, yo


Blackstar – Respiration (Feat. Common) [Video]

“stay alive, you play or die, no options
No Batman and Robincan’t tell between
The cops and the robbers, they both partners, they all heartless
With no conscience

A Blast From The Past For The Hiphop Heads

Kendrick Lamar – ADHD [Video]

“I’m in the house party trippin off
My generation sippin cough syrup like its water
Never no pancakes in the kitchen
Man, no wonder our lives is caught up
In the daily superstition
That the world is bout to end

Who gives a fuck? we never do listen

Dopeness At It’s Finest