2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Schedule (2nd Round)

At this point I think the tourney is Kentucky’s to lose, it’s pretty obvious at this point that they have the best team.  That being said, it’s March, and shit goes down in March.  Today marked the begging of the Madness, all that is left is to fill out a bracket and wait for the Madness to unfold.  Catch the schedule for the second round below.   Good luck, and don’t be a bandwagoner…do your homework. Continue reading

J. Cole Dunks in NBA Celebrity All-Star Game

I feel like the majority of the #PHONEkeysWALLET audience probably saw this live. Friday night, J. Cole threw down a crazy, fastbreak alley-oop with the help of a nice assist from comedian Kevin Heart. I’ve seen J. Cole throw down a dunk before on the intro to last year’s Cole Summer series, but game time dunks are a completely different story.

NBA All-Star Game 2012 Intro

Just watching this video makes me anxious for All-Star weekend. I think the addition of Carmelo Anthony to the East gives them a slight edge (at least over last year’s East) but I’m still wholeheartedly rooting for the West. Who’s your pick?

Purdue’s Kelsey Barlow Posterizes Jared Sullinger [Video]

Every once in a while you get a shockingly athletic play out of my Alma mater. Purdue’s game against #3 ranked Ohio St on Tuesday night (ESPN) was the perfect place for PU forward Kelsey Barlow to show out as he dunks on OSU’s Jared Sullinger. #BTFU

Lil Wayne Breaks Down Sports References On “Sorry 4 The Wait”

Sorry for the brief hiatus. Thanks for the support though. Wayne’s “Sorry 4 The Wait” held the blog down for a few days but I’m back. I’m sure all the real sports fans out there saw Lil Wayne on ESPN’s First Take the other day. Check out this backstage video of Wayne being asked about the sports references on the mixtape.

Peyton & Eli Manning – Football Cops

This is the most ridiculous video I’ve seen all summer (disregard the fact that its been summer for 2 days). Peyton Manning and Eli Manning aren’t playing football this off-season. Due to the lockout, they’re playing “Football Cops”. Just watch.

Michael Jordan’s Response to LeBron’s “What Should I Do?” Commercial

Absolutely perfect mash-up of the Jordan “Become Legendary” commercial and everyone’s favorite LeBron James ad. I think it speaks to how hard LeBron should be working to improve his game and not just the way “we” see him. King James fan or not, this is a dope video.

Kobe Bryant vs. OJ Mayo – Poetry In Motion

Personally, I can’t stand sports star/team band-wagoners; however, if there were ever a set of nuts perfect for riding, they would be Kobe Bryant’s. Watch him eat OJ Mayo in slow motion time and time again. Simply beautiful..

Nike Air Force 1: World Basketball Festival Collection

Nike just announced the release of a 5 shoe collection of Air Force 1’s celebrating the five countries competing in this year’s World Basketball Festival in New York, New York. The collection debuts in retail stores on August 12, so be sure to look out.

Nike Air Force 1 WBF Country Collection - A Complete Look

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Nike Sportswear x NYC – 1LOVE Series (Harlem x Brooklyn)

Nike has officially launched a series of advertisements bigging up New York City and its varying borough to borough cultures.. basketball, rap, food, dress, etc. It’s pretty inspiring for those who actually live in NYC but for everyone else, love it or hate it, it’s a sneak peak at at a culture that really may be the center of the world.

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